Races of the Realm

Au Ra.  A dragon-esque race with horns, scales and tails.

Elezen.  A tall, slender elf-like race.  The first race of Eorzea.

Hyur.  A relatively new race to Eorzea, but also the most populous and culturally diverse.

Lalafell.  A small race from seas south of Eorzea. They possess child-like appearances and welcoming attitudes.

Miqo'te.  The cat-like race possesses large ears and feline tails. They migrated to Eorzea during the Age of Endless Frost in the Fifth Umbral Era.

Padjal.  A youthful race that looks similar to Hyur, but have white, sometimes black tipped horns.  The oldest of them look like teenagers.

Roegadyn.  Roegadyn's massive and muscular frames make them distinguishable from afar. Descended from maritime people that roamed the northern seas, they are often considered a barbaric race.


Beast Tribes

Races of the Realm

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