Au Ra

We Xaela are nomads who roam and live off the land. My tribe was no different. Yet though we did no harm to those whose lands we traversed, they treated us as vermin. in their ignorance, they feared us, and that fear manifested as spite and violence.

My loved ones and I were cursed at, spat upon, beaten, and worse. It was out of the desire to protect them that I began my research.

-Alaqa the Witch

The Au Ra are a misunderstood people due to their physical appearance. Their scaled bodies and horns led many to fear them, believing them to be descendants of dragons or demons. This fear led to hate, which gave way to violence, leaving these proud people few in number across the world. These conditions have led the Au Ra to value their families beyond all else.

Variable Size

Au Ra are characterized by their curved horns and intricate patterning of scales across their bodies. Sleek and powerful tails extend out from behind the Au Ra. There is a striking difference in height between the males and females of the race, the men ranging from just over 6 feet tall to 7 and a half feet tall, while the women are dwarfed, rarely coming close to 6 feet tall. Their faces contain sharp features and piercing eyes, alluding to their normally serious and sullen demeanor.

Au Ra dress very modestly, wearing simple robes and lengths of cloth draped over their bodies as cloaks, especially amongst the nomadic Xaela tribe.

Divided By Blood

The Auri creation myth tells the tale of two beings, the Dawn Father and the Dusk Mother. The two kinds of Au Ra have beliefs about their connection to these beings. The dark scaled Xaela are a nomadic people who believe that the blood of the dusk mother courses through their veins. The Xaela view themselves as free spirit folk, who roam the lands hunting, gathering, and battling against other roaming tribes, in honor of their ancestors of the past. The light scaled Raen, on the other hand, has moved on from the nomadic lifestyle, building a great city beneath the waves of the Ruby Sea to make their home. Here the Raen live a life of tranquility and solitude from the rest of the world.

Peaks, Valleys and Plains

The Au Ra's homeland is known as Othard, a region to the far east. A majority of their homeland is covered by sprawling plains known as the Azim Steppe which dominates their country. The Xaela clans travel across this sea of land in close knight tribes. The northern and western reaches of Othard are shielded with high mountain peaks and deep valleys shrouded in mist. To the East extends the Ruby Sea, beneath which the Raen have made their home, hidden from the world.

For my family

An Au Ra may set off on an adventure for any number of reasons. A thirst for adventure may awaken in them and draw them from their isolated clan lives, or an act against their clan or tribe has forced them to action.  

This could go as far as searching for lost family members or seeking revenge for a slight against their family. For the Au Ra, family is extremely important to them and may serve a central purpose to drive them to explore the world.

Au Ra Names

The Au Ra approach names in two starkly different ways. The Xaela see many names shared across tribes, but there are as many spellings for the same name as there are tribes. Xaela take the name of their tribe as their surname. The Raen name themselves in their tongue in a way that their name carries meaning. Only those belonging to the ruling and warrior class of society legally have surnames, while commoners may take a surname, it is not legally recognized. Raen who are in power often take surnames related to their feats in battle, while commoners take names related to their profession.

Male Raen Names. Tosetu, Keimei, Rakuyo, Hien, Genbu, Fugetsu, Unzan, Masatsuchi, Izuna, Sagan, Karaku. Chikamasa Rokuyari,Tanehiro,Yoshikore,Hidetake, Norishig.

Female Raen Names. Yachiyo, Kikyo, Awayuki, Narumi, Azami, Kurenai, Tsubaki, Chidori, Suzume, Mizuki, Ibuki.

Male Xaela Names. Arslang, Agasiletai, Chaghagan, Chuacenur, Bayan, Luvsan, Bujeg, Khalja, Charakha, Khaishan, Chigu, Jebke, Cirina, Narangerel, Ogul, Altan

Female Xaela Names. Boragchin, Narengawa, Chotan, Qoyar, Khorchi, Ogul, Checheyigen, Altun, Eji, Baguchi, Odchigin, Khorghosun, Yesun, Ariunbold, Bayar.

Clan Names. Adarkim, Bolir, Dalamiq, Khatayin, Oronir, Malqir, Khatayin, Ura, Goro, Oroq

Family Names. Yuzuka, Obinata, Yuzuka, Yatsurugi, Rokuyari, Godo, Tabito, Yumishi, Musa

Au Ra Traits

Your Au Ra character has a variety of natural abilities.

Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity score increases by 2.

Age. Despite their extraordinary physical features, the Au Ra live about as long as any of the other races of Eorzea reaching physical maturity around the age of 16, and living to be around 80 years old.

Alignment. The Au Ra as a whole lean toward neither good nor evil nor towards law or chaos. The Xaela tend strongly towards the chaotic lives of nomads outside of the laws of civilized city-states, while the Raen enjoy the order provided by the law. Often times an Au Ra finds themselves to be the product of their upbringing.

Size. There is a large size disparity between men and women of the Au Ra. Males range anywhere from 6 and a half to 7 feet tall with a lean build dwarfing the females who rarely grow taller than 5 feet. Your size is medium.





Speed. Your base walking speed is 30ft.

Cranial Horns. Your horns act as your means of perceiving sound. You have improved hearing and spatial awareness compared to other races because of this. You gain proficiency in the perception skill.

Languages. You can speak, read and write Common and Auri. The Auri language does not include gender or numbered nouns or verbs, causing an Au Ra to mislabel things sometimes when speaking another language.

Subrace. The Au Ra's bloodline has split into two distinct groups, the nomadic Xaela and the solitary Raen, divided by the divine blood of their creators the Dusk Mother and Dawn Father. Select one of the two subraces of Au Ra.


As a Xaela, you've been hardened by your life on the road as a part of a nomadic tribe. A life of hunting and warring has led you to martial prowess and improved strength. You are more outgoing than your Raen counterparts and are much more willing to engage in battle to resolve a conflict. Xaela tribes are small but numerous, battling for territory against one another on the Azim Steppe. Despite a willingness to fight, Xaela does not seek war, it is merely a tool to settle differences.

Ability Score Increase. Your Strength score increases by 1.

Xaela weapon training. You gain proficiency with the shortbow and spear.

Nomadic lifestyle. Due to your tribal ancestry you gain proficiency in the survival skill.

The list of Xaela Clans.


The Raen live beneath the churning waters of the Ruby Sea, eastern waters dotted by islands. They prefer the pen to the sword and would rather solve a problem with diplomacy rather than resort to violence. They are a reserved people, living in isolation from the world, but have no animosity towards other city states. There is simply no reason for them to become involved with others outside of trade, and to do so could bring ruin upon their hard-won peace beneath the waves.

Ability Score Increase. Your Wisdom score increases by 1.

Naturally Insightful. Due to life in a tranquil, respectful society, you have honed your ability to read people, giving you proficiency in the insight skill.

From the Mists. You do not incur penalties when your vision is lightly obscured by fog or mist.


Au Ra

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